About - Natan, M.

Natan, M.

Istanbul Based Digital & Analog Fine Art Photography.

It all started in 2010 when I acquired a 47 year old analog camera (a Yashica Lynx 14E rangefinder) and started learning the art of photography in an old fashioned way.

What started out as a simple desire to photograph the beautiful scenery around Lake Como, Italy suddenly led to an obsession to master the analog arts. 

I pushed the boundaries of 35mm film photography using a hybrid workflow but gave in as the battle of detail vs grain in huge prints was one where 35mm film didn't stand a chance. 

In my digital work, I seek technical excellence in an effort to create the most natural looking & detailed prints possible. 

Areas of interest include nature & landscapes, city & nightscapes and close ups.

In addition to this, even though I know the internet is full of fluffy cat & dog photos, the stray animals of Istanbul pose a unique opportunity when you encounter them. 

Feel free to contact me regarding prints you desire & also on any assignments based in Europe.

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